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Concealed in my poetic writings are reflections of divinity. A fractal representation, and mirror of the divine source In the flesh. A materialized, crystallized emanation and embodiment of our divine progenitor. 

I write about the dream of life in form as a human being. 


My Community

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My Community


It is my hope that you might 

examine these writings, and decide 

for yourself if they are worthy 

of your interest. 

It resonates with discoveries in the

field of Quantum Physics, 

which seem to agree with ancient 

mystical text concerned with the 

beginning of life on earth. 


Join My Journey

Join My Journey

Join My Journey


My life purpose has been a search

for truth where it can be found. It has taken a life time to find the answer to this riddle. I discovered it through 

the practice of going within. 

The answers have come to me

through dreams, and poetic riddles 

in rhyme which I receive in the dead

of night, having been awakened from 

my sleep. 

About Us

I write from dreams and meditation.

The whole purpose of my writing is to give you a taste of a different was to see. A look at your life as it is connected to and a reflection of the thoughts, feelings and intuitive knowing that you are experiencing day by day, moment to moment.  

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You may purchase individual poems by sending a request to ballardbernard584@gmail.com

Ready to awaken?

 It is now time to remember the truth of our being. To become aware of our higher nature, and escape the prison of fear and judgment taught as truth in this realm.                                                           

A return to the higher truth that in the west might be termed born again. Born into the lost, or forgotten awareness that we are all eternal beings, here to co-create in the form domain.